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There are kitchen tiles of all forms manufactured and retailed by Kitchen Tile Guys that are made to take care of any consumer�s needs. Ready-made products that are open for buying by anyone and custom made products that can be accessed by dialling 800-486-0556 and placing an order. Kitchen tiles are of varied types depending on where they are being placed for instance wall tiles, floor tiles, counter tiles and even sink tiles.

Choice of kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles should be selected by considering the kind of kitchen environment you prefer. Kitchen Tile Guys supplies kitchen tiles that reflect the kind of theme desired by the client in the kitchen. One may choose a kitchen tile that has a light grey gloss wall which can be achieved by placing tiles of this theme on the walls and kitchen counters. The choice of kitchen tiles should be also informed by the underlying theme and design in the rest of the house in case the house has a statement theme all over.

Kitchen tiles designs

Kitchen Tile Guys manufactures kitchen tiles whose design is informed mainly by two factors. These are the material used to make the kitchen tiles and the painting on the tiles themselves. The material used is informed by the clients� ability to purchase it and intensity of diversification while the painting is determined by the desired theme and colour scheme effect that the client intends to have at the kitchen. Some other types of kitchen styles that are not necessarily smooth may have a design decided by the texture e.g. the engraving or carving performed on the tile, the natural stone effect etc.

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Sizes of kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles manufactured by Kitchen Tile Guys come in various sizes again whose selection will be largely determined mostly by the client�s preference and also by the positioning of the point of placement of the tile. There are three main size formats of kitchen tiles i.e. large, medium and small. The order in which the tiles of different sizes are placed in is not really important but it is creative to use them where they are best suitable. For instance the large sized tiles are best suitable on the walls and floors of the kitchen. To break the monotony and to create an element of creative patterns, use tiles of different sizes in your kitchen e.g. if the large sized ones are on the walls, use the small sized on the kitchen counter.

Style and pricing

In the kitchen tile trade, the pricing of a tile is mostly influenced by the style on it and the material used to manufacture it. The different styles dictated by texture at Kitchen Tile Guys include; flat, bumpy, carved, raised, and rough sticking among others. Styles dictated by design and painting may include; plain, reflective, stone effect, exotic e.g. mosaic and contemporary e.g. squares on marble among others. Dial 800-486-0556 today to contact us and order a customized style from these basic forms.

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