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Tile flooring is an art of adding tiles as accessories on subfloors, and thus the tiles become the statement or visible flooring material. Kitchen Tile Guys specialises in installation of floor tiles in kitchens. This is a procedure that should be done with utmost perfection and craft to ensure that the tiles fit consecutively after one another.


Mixing tile sizes on floors

Experts from Kitchen Tile Guys advice that mixing of tile sizes while tile flooring your kitchen gives a sophisticated approach look to the kitchen floor. This gives the tiles great compatibility during placement and therefore makes the placement procedure much easier.


Merits of kitchen tile flooring

kitchen tile floors purchased from Kitchen Tile Guys are toughened enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and are therefore suitable for use in places like restaurants and school kitchens. Tiles are also suitable as floors in kitchens since they are easier to clean, are resistant to infestation by bacteria and fungi, they also do not absorb kitchen liquid spills like water. They are also highly flexible in the pattern of placement and are easy on children and the elderly. Call us through 888-430-5552 today for best quality tiles to floor your kitchen for a more comfy cooking environment.

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Cleaning of kitchen tile flooring

High quality tiles retailed at Kitchen Tile Guys are manufactured in such a way that they are able to withstand prolonged staining if they are cleaned promptly. Ensure that you avoid using very tough cleaning objects such as steel wool and scouring pads to avoid eroding the tile material. To maintain the original bright colour of the tiles, routinely wipe the tile floor surfaces with moist wipers to avoid accumulation of minute debris. Also ensure you clean out instances of spills immediately to avoid permanent stains.

Choice for kitchen tile flooring

Your preference notwithstanding, small kitchen sizes should install large sized tiles on the floor from Kitchen Tile Guys to visually magnify the size of the kitchen. For tough and more uniform pattern of installation but at an affordable price, one should go for the porcelain type; made from sands and minerals while for the beautiful, durable and expensive approach, one should go for the natural stone type. To create a variety of custom styles, one can incorporate more than one style and size format as long as they are compatible and durable after installation. Experts in custom mixing of styles from Kitchen Tile Guys are just a dial of 888-430-5552 away, for quality service.


The process of placement or installation of tiles on floors is known as underlayment. In the case of kitchen tile flooring, underlayment of floors is normally done with the help of an adherence solution composed of cement paste and other supporting ingredients for the purpose of making the tiles intact. For this to properly happen masons from Kitchen Tile Guys ensure that underlayment is done on a flat, rigid, smooth and most importantly clean subfloor. Areas beneath sinks or other parts prone to pouring of water on the tiles should have the most toughened tiles with the most minimum absorption rate. These tiles require a thicker cement backer and a more rigid subfloor.

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